Playlist: Introducing the curators of Le Guess Who? 2019

Playlist: Introducing the curators of Le Guess Who? 2019

Wed May 15th
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To help you explore the program of Le Guess Who? 2019, we've created a playlist including the music of the festival's curators. Five of them will perform at the festival themselves: pioneering voice of Mali, Fatoumata Diawara; Norwegian multi-disciplinary artist Jenny Hval; shape-shifting electronic producer The Bug; New York avant-garde composer Patrick Higgins; and psychedelic/kraut mystics Moon Duo.

The playlist features a.o. a song from Fatoumata Diawara's Grammy nominated album 'Fenfo', The Bug's collaboration with grime MC Flowdon, Patrick Higgins' interpretation of Bach's 18th century 'Goldberg Variatons' and the latest releases by Jenny Hval and Moon Duo.

Dive into the multilateral work of the festival's 2019 curators: listen to the playlist below via Spotify or stream it via Deezer or Apple Music.

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