Perfume Genius’ Mike Hadreas interviewed by The Guardian

Perfume Genius’ Mike Hadreas interviewed by The Guardian

Mon May 8th
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Having just released his fourth album ‘No Shape’, The Guardian interviews Perfume Genius with a stunning and incredibly honest talk as result. As soul-baring and emotional as his album is.

“Everyone was telling me I was sick, and I felt sick, so it was this weird combination of that being my identity.” A recurring theme in his music – wanting to escape the physical – can be traced back to that time where he felt betrayed both by a body that was ailing, but also giving up too much about him. “Sometimes I’m not into being a human,” he shrugs.”

Read the full interview here. Perfume Genius has curated his very own program for Le Guess Who?, featuring a range of his inspirations and befriended artists.

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