Listen to Devendra Banhart's personal playlist for his curated program at LGW18

Listen to Devendra Banhart's personal playlist for his curated program at LGW18

Wed Oct 17th
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Eclectic songwriter Devendra Banhart hosts his very own program at Le Guess Who?, inviting a selection of (surprising) inspirations and interests. Now, he has put together a personal playlist with some of his favorite tracks of each artist he has invited for the festival.

"For Bunyan, Banhart and his peers 'have a sensibility that was totally missing in 1969, 1970, when I made ‘Diamond Day’. They are really generous to each other, and have this amazing sensibility about the world and how things should be.' Banhart said that Bunyan’s encouragement helped him to feel better able to share his music with other people." - From 'Seasons They Change: The Story of Acid and Psychedelic Folk'

Listen to the playlist below via Spotify. You can also also stream it via Deezer or Apple Music

A message from Devendra Banhart about his playlist:

Here are few songs 
by the Artists 
we have lovingly chosen 
for this years Le Guess Who? Festival.

I listen to everyone on this mix EVERYDAY!
I take them with me wherever I go, 
like magic totems,
like spirit animals,
like a dear friend.

I bow to them in gratitude,
for they have made joy sweeter and suffering less bitter.

Here is but a little glimpse, 
of music so gentle, 
of music so wild, 
of music so gentle AND wild!

What an honor and thrill,
to leave the deeper discovery of their work to you! 

Enjoy and see you soon!

Devendra Banhart


Devendra Banhart's curated program at Le Guess Who? 2018 features Vashti Bunyan, Shintaro Sakamoto, DRINKS, Rodrigo Amarante, Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Jessica Pratt, Gigi Masin, Sun Foot, Joan Of Arc, Shannon Lay, Chihei Hatakeyama, SASAMI, Takuro Kikuchi, Katey Red and Roger Eno. Devendra Banhart himself will perform as well at the festival.

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