Kapitaal: Official Hangout of Le Guess Who? 2018

Kapitaal: Official Hangout of Le Guess Who? 2018

Fri Nov 2nd
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This year, Le Guess Who? will have its very own, official festival hangout, hosted by Kapitaal: a Utrecht-based -open- studio for screen-, etch- and risoprint. A meeting place with a proper program, filled with exhibitions, lectures and music, owners Carlien and Ramon create a social place where craftsmanship, design and pop-culture meet.

"Kapitaal is 300 m2 of screen,-etch and risoprint goodness. The print studio is open for artists, creatives and other curious people. Follow a workshop and create your own posters, T-Shirts, booklets and zines independently afterwards… or let Kapitaal print it for you."

Bring down your own t-shirt, denim jacket or any piece of clothing you like to get an exclusive screen print from designer Nick Liefhebber - who created this year’s exquisite artwork -; have a tattoo set; get a massage; or make an appointment at mens hairdresser Kapper Lars.

With the Utrecht-based Stranded FM taking care of the music, your stay at this year’s hangout will be provided with a top-notch, suitable musical frame. All weekend long (Thursday excluded), this unconventional online radio station will broadcast live from Kapitaal. Our hangout will be open Friday till Sunday, from 10:00-18:00.

Stranded FM program

 Thursday  15:00-16:00  LYZZA
 Friday  10:00-12:00  Kapitaal Radio ft. Nick Liefhebber
   12:00-13:00  Nelson Kwame
   13:00-14:00  Allert Sonar Traffic
   14:00-15:00  Maarten Vos
   15:00-16:00  Amber Arcades
   16:00-17:00  upsammy
   17:00-18:00  mad miran
 Saturday  10:00-12:00  Kapitaal
   12:00-13:00  Afrodisiac
   13:00-14:00  Fatima Ferrari
   14:00-15:00  rotibabi.biz
   15:00-16:00   Rizan Said live
   16:00-17:00  TBC
   17:00-18:00  The Mauskovic Dance Band DJ-set
 Sunday  10:00-12:00  Android Dreams & De vergissing van Troelstra
   12:00-13:00  Belmont Bookings Radio
   13:00-14:00  FACS
   14:00-15:00  Freek Fabricus (live)
   15:00-16:00  Roberto Auser
   16:00-17:00  Manic No Learn

"Internetradio-platform Stranded FM wants to make Utrecht a nicer place. We push local musical talent, stimulate creators and provide a hub for the many cultural institutes that our city inhibits. We give attention to both new innovative artists and forgotten sounds from the wide musical spectrum."

Kelman Duran

Untitled: To The North II + (The) Night Flight + Escape-Ism + Record Wall

Kapitaal will also be home to a part of our latest satellite event 'Untitled'. This event explores the various ways to experience art and offers new, and hopefully surprising, perspectives or viewpoints on art and the world around us. In Kapitaal, this program features:

Kelman Duran presents
‘To The North II’ is an experimental documentary by Dominican producer, multimedia artist and filmmaker Kelman Duran. It is the follow-up to ‘To The North I’, challenging heavy political-historical topics such as Wounded Knee and women activists at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Cate Le Bon, Tim Presley & H. Hawkline present
Together with H. Hawkline, Le Bon and Presley form the art collective (The) Night Flight. In this exhibition they will display art works of various mediums, described by Presley as “very free-spirited, but with a technical side as well”.

Ian Svenonius & Alexandra Cabral present
The mythical performer, author, and filmmaker Ian Svenonius, who performs as Escape-Ism, shows a selection of experimental short films he made with filmmaker Alexandra Cabral.

ROTIBABI & Kapitaal present
Record Wall is an art exhibition that consists of 12” record sleeves, including some LGW artists. According to ROTIBABI and Kapitaal, record sleeves play an underestimated role, but nevertheless give insight in artistic approaches and the reflection of a record’s visual language.

Kapitaal, this year's official festival hangout, is located at the 1st floor of parking garage Paardenveld (Kroonstraat 9, 3511 RC Utrecht).

Main photo: Dylan Jake Vermaas.

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