FACT interviews Pharmakon, on the brute noise of Contact

FACT interviews Pharmakon, on the brute noise of Contact

Thu Mar 30th
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Noise artist Margaret Chardiet, aka Pharmakon, returns this week with Contact, a sister album to 2014’s Bestial Burden that sees the New Yorker still confronting her mortality after a serious illness. FACT's Adam Bychawski hears how she was liberated by the realisation that we’re all “nothing but a speck in the universe.”

"In the live setting, when when you’re playing these frequencies, loops and percussive elements, they’re physically vibrating in your body – in between your ears, through your feet and your stomach, in your gut. So in a way it’s not just your brain processing the sounds but your body."

Read the full interview over at FACT. Pharmakon performs at Le Guess Who? 2017 as part of the curated program by Perfume Genius. 

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