Celebrating 30 years of Mudhoney at LGW18 + watch our Hot Snakes video portrait

Celebrating 30 years of Mudhoney at LGW18 + watch our Hot Snakes video portrait

Sat Nov 10th
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On Sunday afternoon, we’ll take a deep dive down into the depths of punk, new-wave and blood pounding rock ‘n roll. Together with long time festival location dB’s and brand new venue WAS., we will set the stage for a raving punk party, leading up to the celebration of 30 years of Mudhoney.

Endless Boogie & Bloody Mary's 

After three days of exploring the worldly and prismatic line-up of Le Guess Who? 2018, probably (hopefully) drinking some Le Guess Who? beer as well as (hopefully not) a lack of sleep, we thought you might be in the mood to start your day with a hearty brunch. Starting off at 12:00 in dB's, the vegetarian master chefs of Rammenas will provide you with an English breakfast with a.o. toast, baked beans, hashbrowns, sausages, or a Bloody Mary soup (available with or without a shot of wodka). This will all be complemented by the psychedelic jams of Endless Boogie

30th Anniversary of Mudhoney & More 

Seattle icons Mudhoney are widely regarded as trailblazers of the grunge movement. It's already thirty years ago that these guitar-wielding, fuzz-loving cats released their crushing debut single 'Touch Me I'm Sick'. Due to the band's twisted, heavily distorted guitar sound, growling vocals and pounding drums, this song became major succes on the indie circuit and gave them a kickstart spearheading the grunge scene. Artists that will be joining Mudhoney for their celebration at WAS., are Czech Republic psych rockers Please The Trees, American post-hardcore five-piece Hot Snakes, Belgian post-punk gem Fornet, and LICE's crossing of rockabilly and post-punk.

After this, it doesn't end yet for guitar-loving festivalgoers. The raving punk celebration will continue at dB's with the fierce punk poetry of Daniel Romano's new brainchild Ancient Shapes, Urochromes' blistering fast and mind-blowing chaotic punk, and Crack Cloud's quirky, pungent songs filled with a healthy dose of post-punk.

Video: Hot Snakes on Sub Pop, ageism & performing with Mudhoney at LGW18 

We spoke to Swami John Reis about the Sub Pop label, ageism in punkrock and performing together with label mates Mudhoney at Le Guess Who? 2018. Watch the video below. 

“It’ll be unfortunate to blow them off the stage but sometimes, young guys like myself, we don’t really have respect for the older generation. It’s just a competitive market…” - Swami John Reis

How do you get there?

Located in the northwest of Utrecht, WAS. and dB's are within walking distance from each other. To reach these venues, you could very easily take a short train trip from Utrecht Central Station to Utrecht Zuilen (you can check schedules here), which is only a minute walk away from dB's and a 10-minute walk from WAS. Several buses also depart this way (bus schedules here).

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