Read via Bandcamp: "Five Ainu Artists Revitalizing Indigenous Japanese Music", featuring LGW22 artist OKI

Read via Bandcamp: "Five Ainu Artists Revitalizing Indigenous Japanese Music", featuring LGW22 artist OKI

Wed Jun 15th
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OKI's identity, as a part of Japan’s northernmost indigenous people, is central to his person and his art. His music, as heard on this year’s ‘Tonkori in the moonlight’, celebrates Ainu folk - while blending it with reggae, dub, throat singing, and Irish, African, and Central Asian tradition. 

Now, Bandcamp have published a profile of Five Ainu Artists Revitalizing Indigenous Japanese Music, featuring OKI. From the article: "The original settlers of Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, the indigenous Ainu are believed to have made their home there sometime in the 12th or 13th century. They lived quiet lives as hunters and foragers, communing closely with nature, guided by the belief that everything natural—human beings, flora and fauna, even the elements—possesses a kamuy, or divine spirit. Music is so entrenched in the Ainu way of life that their broad descriptions of sound include the “musical” among the “non-musical” with no particular distinction."

Read the full article here and watch the video for 'Iso Kaaari Irehte (Bear Trap Rhythm)' below:

"[Oki] Kano has become an ambassador for Ainu culture in much the same way as his father, introducing long-forgotten sounds to new audiences. Though he’s passionate about preserving and proliferating Ainu music, he’s not a staunch traditionalist. On this career-spanning retrospective, he performs traditional songs alongside other indigenous music, reggae, and even a Celtic folk ensemble. It’s a fitting statement on where Ainu music stands—floating amidst a sea of disparate cultures, vying for its place" - Bandcamp

OKI performs at Le Guess Who? 2022 on Thursday, 10 November. Also performing at the festival are a.o. Animal Collective, Low, Groupe RTD, The Ano Nobo Quartet, Wau Wau Collectif, Kuunatic, Keiji Haino, and many more

Photography by Maciej Komorowski

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