Kickstarter x Kapitaal (Le Guess Who? Official Hang Out)

Kickstarter x Kapitaal (Le Guess Who? Official Hang Out)


Through live interviews, listening sessions, art exhibitions with select LGW? performers and all things print and sound, Kapitaal will transform into a three-day meeting place for craftsmanship and deep thought. This event is hosted by Meredith Graves, Christoph Nagel & Julian Brimmers of Kickstarter - the leading platform for bringing creative projects to life - and Carlien Peijsel & Ramon Goedvree of Kapitaal, Utrecht’s beloved independent print workshop. 

Together with everyone involved, they will explore the trials and tribulations of living a creative life and zooming in on the sweet spot where different forms of creativity overlap: what kind of universal skillset does apply when turning a visual idea into sound? How does music inform prose, poetry and design? And how do I get that damn machine to print my zine? Not to mention all things fun and local goodness including a Kapitaal Print Shop (bring your credit card), DIY screenprinting, great food, drinks and DJ-sets hosted by the unconventional in-house Utrecht-based radio station Stranded FM.

Find out about the full Kickstarter x Kapitaal progam here.

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