A woman arrives in Lebanon in search of a missing man, whom she met in Iceland a few years ago. Here, the buildings and landscapes still bear the traces of past conflicts, and the missing friend’s absence is haunting the deserted and labyrinthine streets of Beirut. The siren song of the sea draws her to the south, towards Earth's mystical center.

Errans’ is an aural and visual essay which evokes the alienating sense of exile that the Lebanese-French filmmaker, Mira Adoumier, grew up with. A levitating visual work from a place and a state of mind where myths and cultures occupy parallel spaces. With Iceland’s rugged landscapes and Beirut’s urban topography as the two coordinates that her film is stretched out between, Adoumier’s background as an artist is evident in her first longer film work. But there is also an elliptical narrative embedded in the impressionistic form of ‘Errans’.

Directed by Mira Adoumier

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