Elephant – with Alabaster DePlume

Elephant – with Alabaster DePlume


Don’t think about the elephant. Don’t think at all.
We can only be in this moment. Not thinking.
How do we not-do?
We do other. Let’s get ourselves to do.
The elephant in the room is our strangeness to each other, our estrangedness – we feel it all the time, and don’t talk about it, don’t think about it, don’t express it. We are made of our strangeness to each other. We want to put it into words.
We want to do together. We are stopped by ourselves. We want to step past ourselves. Let us do this by singing and making. I will be unprepared, and I will have only us.
During the festival, people will meet with me and together we will make teams, and this will create what the show is, that finally happens on Sunday. In my mind right now I’m imagining that an audience all around me will sing, and do movement and have written poetry with me. But what will the show be? The people will tell me, during the festival.

Alabaster dePlume

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