Groupe RTD

Groupe RTD

Ostinato Records presents


Djibouti's largely unknown sounds come from a unique cultural context, as the country is one of the last in which music is entirely the state's domain. In 2019, Ostinato Records, upon becoming the first label granted access to Djibouti's national radio, stumbled upon a world-class band unknown to the outside world: Groupe RTD. Ostinato Records presented saxophonist Mohamed Abdi Alto and his group worldwide in 2020 with 'The Dancing Devils of Djibouti'. A stunning collision of Indian Bollywood, Jamaican dub and reggae, sleek horns inspired by Harlem’s jazz era, Somali funk, and the haunting and joyous synthesizer melodies. Groupe RTD certainly is one of East Africa’s best kept secrets.

Photography by Janto Djassi

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