Your most memorable moments of LGW Your most memorable moments of LGW Your most memorable moments of LGW Your most memorable moments of LGW Your most memorable moments of LGW Your most memorable moments of LGW Your most memorable moments of LGW Your most memorable moments of LGW

Your most memorable moments of LGW

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"The choice of acts is astonishing. On top of a lot of current affairs, yet completely apart from the commercial music business."

"Pharoah Sanders slowly shuffling on stage, and his saxophone playing turns out to be still as delicate, adventurous and mysterious as it has always been."

"Finally a festival that understands that there should be no distinction between genres; good music is good music, no matter if the artist comes from Benin, Iceland, Brazil or the US."

"Entering the Tivoli building for the first time, climbing up the stairs, finding Pandora for the first time. My boyfriend and I were drunk and we felt like two hobbits taking the ring to Mt Doom. It was so funny."

"The kindness of the inhabitants of the beautiful city of Utrecht."

"Being a volunteer made the festival feel a little bit like home. I could go to acts on my own and have the best time, and during shifts I enjoyed being social to everyone (other volunteers and visitors)."

"Several added together to be honest. The conjunction of the messages about civil rights, kolonialism and the much needed awareness off it seemed like a mantra that popped up during concerts of Moor Mother, Fhloston Paradigm, Shabaka & the Ancestors, Sun Ra Arkestra and many over made me think a lot about several problems that are playing still today. They still were able to convey the message with some of the most interesting music I’ve heard."

"I thought I didn't like jazz until I saw Shabaka and the Ancestors and Sun Ra Arkestra"

"Singing Elvis songs in a cab with King Khan"

"Mac DeMarco buying me and my boyfriend a beer and a whisky and referring to us as "playaaaas"

"People getting deeply emotional by music at Kamasi Washington and Annette Peacock shows. And first festival ever where every single visitor is there for music, not just for social reasons." 

"Getting lost on the way to De Helling, and having a local to walk me to the venue even though he didn’t know about the festival and it was late and a bit out of his way..."

"The balloon solo at Mary Margaret O'Hara. Legendary. And every note that Pharoah Sanders played, pure bliss."

"The singer of Savages walking on the hands of the public."

"Coming back from a year of waiting. Breathing the atmosphere, beautiful."

"Discarding my timetable on Saturday, and just seeing where I would end up."

"Entering Tivoli and soaking in the magnitude of it all, the beauty of the structure and the art and sounds."

"When I saw the joy that a couple of debutants had at their first Le Guess Who?."

"Hugging Matt Sweeney during his cigarette break after the show."

"The start of Junun. The band came out and the feelings of happiness and melancholy came together as it was the perfect closure of Le Guess Who? 2016."

"Selda and all the crying people in the audience, and the drone fest at 5 in the morning. Felt like a weird SF movie."

Photography: Melanie Marsman; Ben Houdijk; Tim van Veen; Jelmer de Haas; Juri Hiensch; Jan Rijk; Sara Amroussi-Gilissen. 

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